Is Dean Mazzarella trying to silence the Leominster Circus Council?

September 13, 2007

Recently Mayor Dean Mazzarella wrote a letter to the Circus Council stating that going forward if they wanted to contact a department head they needed to either contact his assistant or they needed to go through an online system through the Leominster city website.

Some councilors are outraged with this new policy. I agree with the Mayor. Please keep in mind that I usually agree with the Mayor but with good reason. He’s a smart guy!

The department heads don’t work for the Circus Council do they?

Who does the Circus Council work for? Us…the citizens of leominster.

If Rick Marchand has a problem with his trash not being picked up or maybe his barrels got knocked over by the trash guy and they ended up down the street he is well within his right to call the Health Department to complain.

If Claire Freda’s car was hit by a plow she would be well within her rights to call the head of the DPW to complain about that.

They have the same rights as any other citizen. When it comes to issues involving city business, they need to go through the proper channels. Contact the Mayor and he will contact the appropriate department head. It’s very simple.

Quit bitching already!!!


Did somebody make an attempt on the life of Dean Mazzarella?

August 20, 2007

Did you see how a leominster resident “accidentally” drove her car into the back of Leominster’s city hall? I wonder if homeland security was notified. Maybe The Breakfast Sausage King of Leominster was trying to take Mayor Mazzarella out of the picture in an effort to take over the corner office. Unfortunately he hired a woman to do a man’s job and the plan was foiled when she drove into the wrong section of the building…

Don’t you know the best way to drive a car into Mayor Mazzarella’s office is by going up the front steps of City Hall and taking the first left?